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Learn To Build A Plus-Plus Elephant!


Welcome to a world where imagination roams as freely as the majestic elephants of the savannah! Today, we're embarking on a unique crafting journey that will not only spark your creativity but also bring you closer to the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Known for their intelligence, strength, and strong family bonds, elephants have captivated the hearts of animal lovers worldwide. Now, with just a handful of Plus-Plus pieces, you can recreate this iconic creature in the comfort of your own space.



Elephant Instructions

Pieces needed: 

➤ Gray
➤ White
➤ Black

Fun Facts about Elephants:

  1. Massive Size: Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. The African elephant can weigh up to 6,350 kg (14,000 lbs) and stand 3.3 m (11 ft) tall.

  2. Trunk Wonders: An elephant's trunk is a multi-purpose tool for breathing, smelling, touching, grasping, and producing sound. It contains about 100,000 different muscles.

  3. Mud Baths for Protection: Elephants love water and enjoy swimming, bathing, and mud wallowing. Mud acts as a sunscreen, protecting their skin from the harsh sun and insect bites.

  4. Incredible Memory: The saying "an elephant never forgets" holds some truth; elephants have exceptional memories that are vital for survival in the wild.

  5. Keen Sense of Smell: An elephant's sense of smell is incredible and considered the best in the entire animal kingdom. They can smell water from up to 12 miles away!

Want to make one on your own?

We have a specific Elephant tube just for you! 

Elephant Tube
Try yours HERE!
Why this one is a hit! 
"Our first try we will keep trying to work on perfecting our skill. It's fun!"
"Fun activity for all ages. My 40 year old daughter loves things like this as stress relief."
-Taron N.