How to Build a Sea Turtle in One Minute

This little sea turtle is one of our all time favorite builds, starting with a simple 2D base and then evolving makes it so much fun as the layers build up.

This was one of our first 'guided play' tubes and was first launched way back in 2017. It's a simple color palette, and the Baby Turtle (awwww...) is a crowd-pleaser. Sometimes the simplest creations are the best!

We also encourage everyone to get creative and add their own unique touches to the sea turtle. Experiment with different colors or even build an entire underwater scene!


Here is a helpful visual to walk you through the steps! 

Plus-Plus Sea Turtle Build GIF

Here is a little slower view 

Sea turtle build - step by step

Pieces needed: 

brown 🟤
green 🟢

Fun facts about sea turtles:

  1. Sea turtles have been around for more than 100 million years, making them some of the oldest creatures on Earth.
  2. There are seven different species of sea turtles, including the Green Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle, and Leatherback Turtle.
  3. Sea turtles can migrate long distances, with some traveling thousands of miles between their feeding and nesting grounds.
  4. These remarkable creatures can hold their breath for several hours underwater.
  5. Sea turtles play a vital role in maintaining the health of marine ecosystems by controlling the population of jellyfish and seagrass beds.

Want to make one on your own?

We have a specific Sea Turtle tube just for you! 

Try yours HERE!
Sea Turtle & Baby
Why this one is a hit! 
"Big hit for the boys. Easy to assemble and doesn’t take long to build your figure. My 11 year old son loved building these for his younger brothers"
"My children love these they work with other sets and are super cute"
"My son loves it. Great for when we go on road trips and vacay.. small and easy for traveling"