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How to Make a Plus-Plus Giraffe in One Minute

This little brown-and-yellow giraffe is a deceptively simple build, featuring mostly 2D elements with some 3D thrown in. There are several repeated elements, making it the perfect creation for someone just getting started with Plus-Plus.

Once you finish your giraffe, maybe you want to add a tall tree that it can munch leaves from - or a smaller baby giraffe to be a traveling buddy! 
We also encourage everyone to get creative and add their own unique touches to the giraffe. They can experiment with different colors or even build an entire zoo.

 Here is a helpful visual to walk you through the steps! 

Giraffe build instructions


Pieces needed: 

# yellow
# brown 

Fun facts about giraffes:

  • Giraffes are fascinating and unique animals and here are some intriguing facts about them:
  • Tallest land animals: Giraffes are the tallest land animals on Earth! They can grow up to 18 feet tall, which is about the height of two adult elephants stacked on top of each other.
  • Long necks: One of the reasons giraffes are so tall is because of their long necks. In fact, their neck alone can be as long as 6 feet, which is longer than most humans are tall!
  • Spots and patterns: Each giraffe has a unique pattern of spots on its coat, just like how humans have unique fingerprints. No two giraffes have the same spot pattern!
  • Blue tongues: Giraffes have a blue-black tongue, which is very long and can reach up to 18 inches. They use it to grab leaves from tall trees.
  • No sleep: Giraffes sleep very little – usually only around 4.5 hours a day. They often sleep while standing up, and they take short naps.
  • Unique walking style: Giraffes walk by moving both legs on one side of their body, then both legs on the other side. This is different from most other four-legged animals that move opposite legs.


Want to make one on your own?

We have a specific Giraffe tube just for you! 

Giraffe tube

Try yours HERE!


Giraffe build

Why this one is a hit!


Lots of Fun

"My granddaughters love making projects with PLUS PLUS so we all had one to make! This nana had fun making this giraffe! Super cute!"

- TLSmile




Thumbs Up!

"My kids love this toy. So versatile in the way it can be played with"

-Mila T.