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Learn to Build: Plus-Plus 2D Patterns

We're passionate about fueling creativity and the happiness that comes with building something new. Our commitment to delivering endless fun is stronger than ever. That's why we've gathered a collection of 2D building guides perfect for your children!
These guides are a doorway to endless hours of engagement, offering moments of deep focus and bonding.
Ideal for indoor activities on rainy days, as a relaxing after-school hobby, or as a playful break during school holidays, these promise to bring smiles and spark imagination!

Here are some fun guides to start with and we will keep adding to this list as time goes on!

2D Pattern - Crab

2D Pattern Crab Guide - Download ⬇️


2D Pattern - Fish

2D Pattern Fish Guide - Download ⬇️


2D Pattern - Jellyfish

2D Pattern Jellyfish Guide - Download ⬇️


2D Pattern - Whale

2D Pattern Whale Guide - Download ⬇️

2D Pattern - Princess

2D Pattern Princess Guide - Download ⬇️


2D Pattern - Prince

2D Pattern Prince Guide - Download ⬇️


2D Pattern - Castle

2D Pattern Castle Guide - Download ⬇️


2D Patterns - Tractor

2D Pattern Tractor Guide - Download ⬇️

2D Patterns - Penguin

2D Pattern Penguin Guide - Download ⬇️

2D Patterns - Pineapple

2D Pattern Pineapple Guide - Download ⬇️

2D Pattern - UFO

2D Pattern UFO Guide -Download ⬇️


2D Pattern - Unicorn

2D Pattern Unicorn Guide -Download ⬇️

2D Pattern - Turtle

2D Pattern Turtle Guide -Download ⬇️

2D Pattern - Star

2D Pattern Star Guide -Download ⬇️

2D Pattern - Candy Cane

2D Pattern Candy Cane Guide -Download ⬇️


Want To Make Your Own 2D Pattern?

Our Make-A-Mix Custom Color Mixes are always a great choice for groups!

We have them in the colors below!  


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