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How to Make a Plus-Plus Danish Heart

We'd like to introduce you to one of our favorite holiday traditions, the Danish Christmas Heart. It's a delightful and simple craft that embodies the spirit of the season in Denmark.

The Danish Christmas Heart ('Julehjerte') is more than just a decoration; it symbolizes love and craftsmanship and is often hung on trees and around homes during the holiday season, also called "The Festival of Hearts."

Traditionally, they're made of two pieces of paper, red and white (the colors of the Danish flag), but you can make yours in any color you'd like!

We hope this little piece of Danish culture brings a touch of warmth and joy to your holiday season.


Enjoy this helpful guide to walk you through how to build your own! 

Danish Christmas Heart

Download Your Danish Heart Guide ⬇️


These make wonderful ornaments and are a perfect activity for days home from school during winter break. 

Pieces needed: 

➤ Red - 25 pieces
➤ White - 26 pieces 



Want to make your own Danish Christmas Heart?

We have a 240 piece Holiday tube just for you! 
240 PC - Holiday Tube
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"Keeps the whole family happy, easy to use, fun to build just about anything you can imagine. We LOVE Plus Plus!"
- Nicole B.