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Learn To Build A Thanksgiving Turkey!


As the leaves change, it's the perfect time to create lasting holiday memories with this adorable Thanksgiving Turkey build.

Capture the essence of fall, engage with the holidays, and create a unique centerpiece for the fall season.

We also encourage everyone to get creative and add your own unique touches to your Thanksgiving Turkey.


Here is a helpful visual to walk you through the steps! 

Turkey Build Instructions Gif

Here is a little slower view 

Turkey Tube Instructions
Turkey Tube Instructions

Pieces needed: 

➤ Red
➤ Orange
➤ Yellow
➤ Pastel Blue
➤ Brown

Fun facts about turkeys:

  1. Wild turkeys can weigh up to 24 pounds for males and 12 pounds for females.
  2. An adult turkey has about 5,000 to 6,000 feathers.
  3. Turkeys have periscopic vision, which allows them to see objects that are not in their direct line of sight by simply moving their head.
  4. Wild turkeys boast feathers that can shimmer with hues of green, copper, gold, and red. This can inspire some creativity in color choices for your Plus-Plus turkey model.
  5. Turkeys can run at speeds up to 25 mph. Maybe position your Plus-Plus turkey in a playful running stance to showcase this fun fact.

Want to make one on your own?

We have a specific Turkey tube just for you! 

Turkey Tube
Try yours HERE!
Turkey Tube Build
Why this one is a hit! 
"My kids had a great time building this. They love plus plus"